What is Long Road Productions?

From magazines and coffee table books to cable & satellite TV shows, there's been all kinds of media coverage of the old car and truck hobby in recent years.

But if you go looking for the real pulse of the collector hobby, you're more likely to find it in backyards, driveways, and garages all across the country. Countless hours are spent here before attending any National or regional events, or even a local cruise night.

In our videos we celebrate the passion of everyday folks, without celebrity appearances or bikini contests.

If it were not for independent video producers like Long Road Productions, many of us would never get a chance to see what goes on at club events around the country, nor would we be able to enjoy the many hours of archive footage and promotional films that that have survived. Most of the media moguls couldn't be bothered. The occasional thirty second blip on the evening news used to be it.

Auto and truck enthusiast turned guerrilla journalist Lindsey Crawford decided over ten years ago to share his lifelong passion for the collector hobby. He is pleased to add one more way in which we can all share our passion for these historic and beautiful machines.

From the Mail Bag

ATHS Members series

"More and more people are really talking about your videos, keep up the good work!"

--Gary Mahan
Basking Ridge,NJ


"I have Volumes I,II and III, they are great. You do a great job."

--F.J.Wilson Jr.
Upper Marlboro,MD

"I'll send my extra Volume IV to friends all over the country. Once they see it they will be hooked on your videos."

--Don Robertson

Old Trucks Volume I

"Please send one copy of 'OLD TRUCKS' Vol.I ASAP, I'm sick of winter!"

--Steve La Ronde
New Ipswich,NH"I bought Volume I from you when it was released and it was excellent."

--Peter Wilson
New South Wales,Austrailia